Introducing The Salt Bar!

I made sea salt soap for the very first time last year and since then I have been OBSESSED! Imagine the feel of your skin after a swim in the ocean...that's the effect of sea salt soap. It was far too good to keep to myself, so I turned it into a permanent collection!

Three new sea salt soap bars have just been added to the shop, with scents ranging from sweet to citrusy to herbaceous. Each soap has a 50% concentration of extra fine Mediterranean sea salt, which ironically has all the benefits of sea salt without the rough texture. These bars are smooth to the touch, yet the salt is clearly visible in the bars. Each soap is topped with coarse pink Himalayan salt both for its beauty and for an extra shot of salty goodness!

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About Acid Kitty

As a lover of video games, comic books, anime, music, movies....and decadent skin care, I decided to combine them! Each themed collection that I create is either based on a set of characters, artists, musicians, or in some way related to the interests of myself or the members of the Facebook group for which I am president, Amalga-Mania (a comics based community of nerds!).
When creating, I transform into a bath and body products formulator, planning out the best ways to represent characters and interests through color, fragrance, texture, and style. I find inspiration everywhere, and creating is my passion!